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Welcome Letter from Shauna Arnott, Founder.

In 2016 I had a big idea for my business. Two days later I saw Gary Vaynerchuk’s video on YouTube that explicitly stated that ‘ideas are useless without execution’ and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

So, what was my idea?

I wanted to build an event following the principles that Gary preaches and provide insight and support to emerging entrepreneurs. Thus, Haste and Hustle was born.

The first event happened in Niagara, Ontario one year later. The stage was filled with truly unique messages by some of the pre-eminent voices of our time; Gary Vaynerchuk, Casey Neistat, Manjit Minhas, Jon Dick, Marc Saltzman, Alan Smithson, Erin Bury, Allie Hughes and many more. I took many risks to make it happen, but in end it came together, and my dreams came to fruition.

"truly unique messages by some of the pre-eminent voices of our time"

The challenges of running and producing an event are intense and I learned many lessons the hard way, but the most rewarding part is developing the community. I had an incredible team and supporters, so the event was wonderful but all along I was taking big financial risks not knowing if they would or wouldn’t work out. I was fairly terrified every single day. That’s right I said it, fairly terrified.

However, the key was connecting with truly wonderful people to support my journey. Again community.

I have come across amazing people who attended my events and told me how many positive experiences they had there. Attendees mentioned how beneficial it was to connect with a like-minded community and that they wished they had more of that. I miss connecting with the Haste and Hustlers in between events too. It fills my heart to know people came and received value. I want that same value for everyone (including myself) to spark our lives throughout the year and for us not to have to wait for the Haste and Hustle conference.

It also troubled me deeply that some people came to the event and due to some logistical challenges did not have the experience promised. We’re working on a solution to this because this community is more important to me than you can imagine and I want to take ownership of those experiences and correct course. Like many of you I’m an entrepreneur just working to constantly improve.

So, I am working on a way for us to stay connected. It excites me to continue to provide knowledge, guidance, support and insights for emerging entrepreneurs. I want to see all of you succeed.