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How to Engage Your Email Subscribers

Actions you can take to improve and maintain engagement.


Content Creators

January 9, 2019

Once you have people signed up to your email list, it is crucial that you keep them engaged to prevent them from unsubscribing and to reach your marketing goals. It is true that some will unsubscribe immediately after they download your lead magnet, but for everyone else, there are definitive actions you can take to improve and maintain engagement.


Include a Thank You Page

As simple as it seems, sending subscribers to a Thank You page after they’ve signed up can go a long way toward reducing unsubscribes. Many email marketers just launch right into an offer but taking the time to say thanks shows you care, and it starts the relationship off on a positive note.


Serve Before You Sell

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone who comes into contact with marketers is thinking “what’s in it for me” before anything else. They are not impressed with how much you know and don’t appreciate blatant attempts to make a sale. Take the time to grow and nurture the relationship because that’s what it is. If you remember the mantra “serve before you sell,” then you will gain their trust, skyrocket the engagement factor, and eventually increase sales.


Create a Schedule

Marketers are very lucky today in that they can automate so many of the activities needed to do their jobs well. Having a schedule for your emails will let your contacts know when they should expect messages from you, and if you are doing your job nurturing the relationship, they will even look forward to them. Set up an autoresponder in your email campaign, so everyone who signs up is messaged on the same schedule.


Create Engaging Subject Lines

Just because they are signed up to your list doesn’t mean they are going to open everything you send. As with any email correspondence, the first thing someone sees is the subject line, so make sure it is engaging. Some examples of appealing subject lines include how-to’s, asking questions that can’t be answered with a yes or no, numbered lists, revealing benefits, and starting a story.


Ask What They Want

Since it can be challenging to figure out what type of content to include in your email marketing to engage your readers, simply asking can give you all the answers you need. Most people have no trouble letting you know what they want to see, and by asking, you can analyze the responses and give them what they want.  


Segment Your Lists

Segmenting your list means breaking it down into more specific groups to make it easier to keep the content as engaging as possible. You can accomplish this by analyzing data to find what they’ve shown interest in, products they’ve purchased, or by segmenting right from the start. If you include relevant form fields at the initial sign up, you can send relevant information right away.


Give Them Other Options to Follow

Sometimes, a person may like your message and the content you provide but isn’t into reading emails and would rather hear what you have to say on social media. Instead of losing them entirely, you should include the option to follow on your social media channels in each email you send.


Optimize for Mobile

Make sure your email templates are optimized for mobile, or your engagement factor will plummet. It’s no secret that mobile use is increasing every year, and meeting your subscribers where and how they want to be reached is a critical factor in keeping them engaged and happy.