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How to use Persuasive Words in your Copy

The Power of Persuasive Words

Joey Ragona

Business Coach | Direct Response Marketing & Copywriting Specialist

January 10, 2019

Let’s talk about the power of persuasive words, I’ll use an example of those pesky door-to-door solicitors. My wife and I sit back and chuckle watching 99% of solicitors come to our door –well, they ATTEMPT it because by the time they’re about to take a second step……they STOP. Look. And briskly turn around and leave. Without knocking –or ringing the doorbell. Why? Here’s a clue.“ABSOLUTELY” Let me explain. I’m sure you’ve seen the “No Soliciting” sign before. It doesn’t work well –because people are “used” to seeing it. It scores a big fat ZERO when it comes to persuasive words. So, I have a sign (it’s just small sticker thingy) on my door that says:“Absolutely No Soliciting” It’s the word “absolutely” that does all the magic.

Think about it. ‘Absolutely’ is such a POWERFUL statement. It’s FINAL. There’s NOWHERE to go after someone says ‘absolutely’. “Absolutely not” or “YES! Absolutely!” In my opinion, it’s even more powerful than the word “final”. And, it scores almost 100% on the persuasive words list. In this example, the word absolutely interrupts the “pattern”solicitors are used to seeing. AND, it tosses curiosity in the mix. Here’s what I mean: I’m sure they’re thinking“ WHAT or WHO is on the other side of this door –that has taken the time to put this message on their door?

And WHAT will happen if I ignore this message?” I can definitely tell you that 99% of ‘em don’t take the risk to find out. For all they know, I could be a psychopath with a clever in hand on the other side of the door just waiting for someone to test that sign. It’s brilliantly simple (not the clever –the MESSAGE) lol. That’s kinda like having a sign that says: “Dog in Yard –Enter at Your Own Risk” Rather than “Beware of Dog” Can you ‘feel’ the danger of the first one? Heck, if I was thinking of wondering about going into that dude’s yard, I would totally think twice about it, wouldn’t you? WHO goes to that length to put“enter at your own risk?” Know what I mean? And THIS is the power of words when it comes to persuading your prospects.