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How You Can Write the Best Email Subject Lines

Your Only Opportunity To Attract Attention

January 10, 2019

The email subject line is your best and often your only opportunity to attract attention and draw someone into your message. If your subject line doesn’t do its job, not only will your email not be read, but it could end with your customer or prospect unsubscribing altogether. Following email subject line best practices and proven techniques will give you a much better chance of having your emails read on a regular basis.


The Four U’s

The four U’s refer to: urgent, unique, useful, and ultra-specific.

These concepts can be included in a wide range of different types of subject lines, and they are usually quite effective. When people believe you have something that is hard to get, useful to their lives, specific, and that action must be taken right away, you’ll have yourself a winner. If you can use more than one in the same subject line, all the better.

Announce an Offer

If you are promoting a new product or service or have a special on an existing product, let your email list know in the subject line.

Example: “Save 25% on SEO Services This Week Only!”

Ask a Question

Most people are drawn to the question mark and will try to answer it in their heads. So, make sure it’s compelling and doesn’t require a simple yes or no answer.

Example: “Do You Make These Gardening Mistakes?”


Use Numbers

Using numbers taps into the ultra-specific concept and can get prospects interested in your email. Unusual numbers seem more believable too.

Example: “Join 746 Others at This Special Event!”


Promise Benefits

Good marketing is all about providing benefits to your customers and prospects, and it should start in your subject line.

Example: “Become a Safer Driver with This New App!”


Make Them Feel Special

Everyone loves to feel special and that they are part of a special group. You can make your subscribers feel special with carefully crafted subject lines.

Examples: “You’re Invited!” or “Our Gift to You” or “An Exclusive Offer Just for You.”


Tell Them What’s Waiting Inside

If you don’t want to leave anything to chance and have them possibly miss out, then just tell them what’s available when they open the email.

Example: “Your Special Report Is Inside!”


Do Some Name Dropping

You don’t need to be above throwing in a celebrity name here and there for added effect and intrigue.

Example: “Drake Wears This Brand of Athletic Socks, Too.”


Round Up Your Audience

Address your audience directly in the subject line, telling them you have special information just for them.

Examples: “Attention Plumbers!” or “Golfers…this Message Is for You!”


Attach a Deadline

This ties into the concept of urgency and will usually get people to take action.

Examples: “Only 3 More Hours to Go!” or “This Deal Expires at Midnight” or “Last Chance to Save 50%.”


Mind Your Word Count

As you’ve likely noticed in the past, email subject lines can get cut off if they are too long. That is especially true for mobile devices, so it makes sense to keep them concise. Aim for around 50 characters or less and everyone should be able to see the whole subject line while skimming through their emails. At the very least, keep the most pertinent point short and at the start so it will be read for sure.