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John Stix

Creator of “I’M IN” – Discover your WHO for business and individuals

Favourite Quote

John’s personal mission is simple - “I am a man who speaks about the power of loving
who you are and what you do, in the world.”

Having been a part of helping multiple organizations and their people, starting with a company he co-founded – one of the largest Telecommunications companies in Canada - through a holistic shift, he has honed the skills to help others masterfully alter mentalities, emotions and actions. John credits his significant personal awakening and journey, with discovering WHO he really is.

John has uncovered a very unique, often overlooked, secret that leads to an enriched and purpose-driven organization; it’s what separates extremely successful organizations from the rest. How can you, as a person, know what decisions to make, if you have no idea who you truly are as an individual? Similarly, how can any organization and its leaders make decisions if it doesn’t know its WHO?

John has learned through theory and experience, that the creation of the authentic identity of an organization and releasing the WHO, leads to deep positive transformation for the entire organization, its people, and communities. John knows this is the most critical and important step to take to allow the organization to reach its full potential and be engaged. It all boils down to identity and your WHO.

John challenges the status quo and asks, “Why do organizations spend so much money measuring engagement, when the critical first step is a focus to create it?” After discovering and implementing the “I’M IN” WHO strategies, John received the Best Employer Branding award from the Canadian Human Resources Association and was also a finalist for Leader of the Year for all of Canada.

John’s unique philosophy and strategies have led him to consulting and speaking globally, for not only organizations, but also individuals who wish to learn how to find their personal WHO and a life full of purpose. While continuing to lead his organization and build several others, John has delivered keynote speeches for organizations of all sizes, including the Canadian Government and a President Obama White House initiative. His consultations include taking part in a global committee that ended up reporting to the Vatican, which lead to John meeting Pope Francis in Rome. John is giving of his time and takes part in serving on boards that positively impact humanity.

His casual, engaging and thought-provoking delivery allows him to connect with all audiences. John is known to receive standing ovations from some of the trickiest audiences out there, including a conference in Las Vegas where it was the first in their twelve-year history.