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More Time, More Money and More Freedom

Is that all?

Joey Ragona

Business Coach | Direct Response Marketing & Copywriting Specialist

January 10, 2019

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People say to me all the time “Joey, all I want is more time, more money and more freedom”

Is that all?

How much money?

How much Time?

How much freedom?

Have you faced this?  Have you ever spoken with someone who gives you such a broad answer it can fit anyone?

It’s like going to a psychic and they tell you “you’re going to a major event this year”

What does that mean?

A wedding, a 50th birthday party a funeral?  Anyone of them can “fit” that description.

So, if we bounce back to “more money” what if you had $10 more than yesterday in your wallet?  Would satisfy the statement?

I’m kidding of course, but you get my drift…you know where I’m going with this.

So I ask them “you want more time, money and freedom so that what happens?”

We all want more (or less) of something so something else happens in our lives.

Inside my coaching sessions I’m able to dig this stuff outta people…because I won’t let them paint their future with broad strokes.

You need specificity.  If you don’t know exactly what you’re going after, you’ll never put the right pieces in place to help you get there.

That’s a huge challenge for entrepreneurs…because most of us are creators…we have BIG dreams and we want to do it all.

Great, I’m with ya…let’s change the world…but let’s do it one dream at a time – or nothing gets done.

So, what do you want?  What do you really really want?

Better yet, what don’t you want?  Define what you want to remove from your life and you’ll find it’s easier to define what you want in your life.

So…what do you want?

You can’t get the help you need if you don’t know what you’re asking for right?

But a lot of people want to be told what to do.  At least in my experience with my clients, students and speaking tours this is the norm. Why is that?

I think people are often clouded in their lives & have trouble clearing the fog because they’re in survival mode all the time.  It’s pretty hard to sit down and figure out a pathway when you’re in constant chaos don’t cha think? So really the freedom we want moves further and further away because we don’t have the “time” today to figure out what we truly want…

Sad right?  So here’s my tip for you…and it’s something I tell 99% of all the people I work with.

Ready? You have to shut-down. Completely.

I don’t care about the length, but the longer the better.

Shut down means you do nothing.  You stare at the ceiling.  You go for a walk in the woods – appreciate nature – let nature and the universe open your mind.

Investigate your soul – ask yourself “what do I want?” in those moments…and if you remove the busyness of life, push the eject button on chaos …even for a day, what you really want begins to come through.  Because there’s no distractions – you don’t have emails and cell phones stealing your attention.  I’ve heard clients tell me their lives have literally changed in the days of removing all the clutter and chaos in their lives so they can be ‘alone’ with themselves.

But don’t think I don’t know how ‘hard’ this is.  That’s the exact reason you need to do it.

If ALL you want is more time, more money and more freedom…then shut down for a bit and be conscious of what more time, money and freedom means.  And then go get the help you need to get it.

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