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TORONTO, ON – March 11th, 2020 – Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak and our desire to keep our community safe, Haste and Hustle has made the difficult decision to postpone this year’s event on April 1st at Meridian Hall and ensure the quality of the event is maintained at a future date.

The Haste and Hustle team and partnerships offer a sincere apology for the rescheduling of Haste and Hustle 2020. Shauna Arnott, Founder of Haste and Hustle, has carefully selected a lineup of speakers for the event, which resonates with a broad audience but especially emerging to mid-stage entrepreneurs.

This postponement includes Sir Richard Branson, who is to share his inside tips, strategies, and perspectives on how to build and maintain a successful business at the event.

Current ticket holders will be reissued tickets for the newly scheduled event and can expect the same agenda and quality of experience. In fact, Haste and Hustle is working on additional offerings, such as webinars and smaller networking events within local communities. More information and FAQs will be available shortly on our website and posted to our social media channels.

As a business owner, adaptability remains at the core of Arnott’s qualities. She emphasizes the importance of reacting and balancing the challenging moments that can undoubtedly affect business plans. Arnott hopes rescheduling of the conference demonstrates the resilience and perseverance necessary to maintain success within business.

The team has every intention to continue ‘business as usual’ to provide an exciting conference for attendees, with the support of our amazing speakers, stakeholders and partners.

Haste and Hustle is in its third year and as a growing company, the team will continue to serve and support entrepreneurs by providing access to the tools, education, and networks they need to kick-start their business. Arnott and the team encourage the public to follow Haste and Hustle on social media @hasteandhustle for valuable content and the journey to Haste and Hustle 2020.

Haste and Hustle launched its first event in Niagara, Ontario and brought together 800 innovators, business professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. In its second year, over 2,400 attendees filled the seats at the Sony Centre. The growth in attendance represents the value and education attendees walk away with – Haste and Hustle 2020 will be no exception.

Those interested in learning more about how to strategically grow their business are invited to
visit Media and the public are asked to contact Paul Fitzgerald at or 289.795.6176 for any further comments or information regarding the rescheduling of Haste and Hustle 2020.


We are working closely with all of our stakeholders to reconfirm a new date within the year and will announce it as soon as it has been finalized.

Yes, so far all the speakers have committed to attend the new date

We are offering all ticket holders re-issued tickets to the new event as well as some upcoming free access to a business tactics webinar series. Refunds will be offered to those people who are completely unable to attend the new date and will be entertained once that has been announced.

Yes, everything will be the same, just on a new date

As soon as the new date has been secured.

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