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Productivity Hacks

Get More Out Of Your Days and Reach Your Goals Faster.

January 10, 2019

Since entrepreneurs are usually the drivers when it comes to new business ventures and growth, productivity is always an important part of their daily lives. There never seems to be enough time in the day to get it all done, so streamlining and finding useful productivity hacks is a must. Here are some that will help you get more out of your days and reach your goals faster.

Morning Rituals

Having a morning routine or ritual that you stick to each day is a great way to boost productivity. Once you find a handful of different activities that work for you to get you going and get in the right state of mind for the day, you’ll see that you’re far more efficient and get more done on a regular basis.


Create Mini-Goals

Every entrepreneur has those big-picture goals that keep them moving forward, but it’s still easy to get bogged down when completion of those goals seems months or even years away. When you create several short-term goals to reach along the way, your productivity will remain high. The frequency of your mini goals will vary depending on how long you’re able to stay focused.


Create a Priority List

Prioritizing your daily and weekly tasks is an effective productivity hack you can use. Take care of any must-do’s first, then move on to smaller jobs that don’t take a lot of time, to get them out of your way. Aim for about two minutes per task for these. You should also consider prioritizing your meetings and cutting any that aren’t necessary. Many entrepreneurs waste hours in meetings that are being held for the sake of having a meeting but don’t really accomplish anything productive.


Schedule Time for Emails

If you jump onto your email every time you get a notification no matter what you’re doing, you aren’t alone. This time-sucking activity wastes more time than just about anything over the course of a day, especially for busy entrepreneurs. As hard as it may be, turn off your email notifications and schedule certain times during the day to read and respond to emails. Some professionals do it once, but two or three designated times will work, too.


Monitor Your Screen Time

Smartphones and computers are notorious productivity killers, so monitoring the time on them will make a difference. For your smartphone, turn off notifications and create a habit of checking it no more than once per hour to start, then adding more time from there. Obsessively checking social media and interacting on personal accounts during the workday are other examples of time-wasting activities. It’s easy to con yourself into believing you are doing it “for business,” but if it is taking away from the task at hand, it needs to be modified. That is also true for any ‘time-sucking’ websites that aren’t related to your business or what you want to accomplish.

Ditch the Lyrics

Listening to ambient music is a good way to manifest all that you desire, but listening to your favourite tunes that include lyrics may be distracting you. How many of us sing along in our minds or come out of our work trance while listening to songs with lyrics?


Delegate and Outsource When Possible

It may be true that no one can do it like you, but chances are you’re performing many business tasks that could be delegated or outsourced for the same result. Figure out which ones really need your input and participation and consider outsourcing the rest so you can focus on what’s really important.


Don’t Fear Automation

Doing anything manually that could be automated is hurting your productivity, so now is a good time to change that.


Audit Your Subscriptions

Clutter is always a big productivity killer and having scores of online subscriptions can be a big energy drain. Go through all of yours and unsubscribe if they don’t provide you with regular value.


One Task at a Time

The multitasking myth has been around forever, but doing a bunch of things with partial attention and in a mediocre way isn’t going to take you to new heights. Stop multitasking and focus on one task at a time and watch your productivity increase.