Scott Barker - Haste & Hustle


Scott Barker

President, Haste and Hustle

Scott brings a wealth of both personal and professional experience to the Haste and Hustle Team. Despite the obstacles he’s experienced in his life they led him to developing the confidence to understanding his true self. Scott has held positions across a variety of business platforms such as; VP of business development for 7 years, CEO and Founder with several companies, member of advisory boards, CMO and Direction of Investor relations, a mentor with 3 incubators, and more. 

Scott has pitched for and raised over $2 million in investment capital and helped companies he worked with exceed monthly growth of 30%. These companies also grew yearly revenues from 150k to 1.4 million in a small old school market.

His personal life led him to founding Mo-Muscle, VP of the Canadian Testicular Cancer Association and Founder of Stoyko-Kearns Charity Golf Tournament. These charities have gone on to raise multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars for people going through treatment as well as scholarships for young hockey players.