Tiffany Howes - Haste & Hustle


Tiffany Howes

Director of Marketing at Dovetail Community

Tiffany helps female-founded businesses create compelling stories, with personality, for their brands - from design through to content. She believes that true magic is created at the intersection where visual and verbal design meets human decision-making.

A self-professed sci-fi nerd and vintage comic book connoisseur, ever since she was a young girl Tiffany has studied the structure of great stories. She scours books deconstructing how design visually expresses an idea and how words take the reader on a journey. Fascinated by the way we think, behave and buy, she also reads up on how the brain works — just for fun. She’s honed this expertise over her 10 years consulting national brands including Mercedes Benz Canada, Abatement Technologies, and Heritage Canada.

Now she brings her brand pedigree to small businesses, helping them with their marketing strategy, website & design, copywriting, and project management. Tiffany is the proud recipient of a 40 Under 40 Award for her work in Community Outreach. When she’s not geeking out on brands, you can find her singing Baby Got Back at karaoke dive bars.