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Top 10 Client Gifts for the Holidays

Sending your clients gifts during the holiday season is one way to show you care, and to make them feel like they are appreciated.


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December 6, 2018

Keeping your clients happy and feeling like part of the family is a big part of entrepreneurship and keeping them as clients into the future. It’s easy to believe that providing quality products or services at competitive prices is all it takes, and while it certainly helps, you need to go further than that.

Sending your clients gifts during the holiday season is one way to show you care, and to make them feel like they are appreciated. There are many different options when it comes to holiday client gifts, but you want to send ones that will make an impression. Here are ten of the top choices for you to consider:

1 – Terrarium or Succulent Garden

A garden isn’t a traditional holiday gift, but they are popular right now, and they make beautiful additions to offices, waiting areas, and so on. You can combine the two for a succulent terrarium if you want to get extra brownie points from your client.

2 – Coffees or Teas

If you are close with clients and know their favourites, it will look impressive to send exactly what they like. And if not, a variety of gourmet teas and coffees make a great impression.

3 – Portable Phone Charger

Doesn’t seem like the most personal gift, but everyone is always looking for a phone charger. Sending a few with your branding on it will make it seem like you are saving the day every time someone in their office needs a recharge.

4 – Professional Notebooks

Successful entrepreneurs and business people are usually big on taking notes and use notebooks as a potent business tool. When you send a few for a holiday gift, you’ll be helping them grow their business with something they can use.

5 – Gourmet Food Baskets

A food basket with gourmet crackers, spreads, and similar items looks professional and says you care. For clients that are close by, you can even include some perishable items that won’t be affected by a long trip.

6 – Calendars

It’s an old standby but still makes for a thoughtful and useful holiday gift. For custom calendars, be sure to include information that your client will enjoy along with your branding.

7 – Restaurant Gift Cards

It’s always nice when you remember you have a free lunch or dinner waiting for you in your wallet. If you can’t be there in person to take them out to eat, then send a gift card so they can go anyway.

8 – Yearly Subscriptions

This kind of gift should be reserved for your most important clients, but it’s a great way to show you care. It can be for an app, an online course, or anything they would find valuable and love to use for a year.

9 – Custom Water Bottle

It seems that everyone is carrying around their water bottles these days. When you customize a water bottle for a holiday gift, be sure to choose one that is of high quality and shows your company logo and colours prominently.

10 – Handwritten Note

Even though it costs the least, a handwritten note can have the most significant impact when it comes to sending the best holiday gift to a client. It shows that they are worth your time and lets them know that your relationship is important to you.

Make sure that any gift you send is personalized and plays to their interests. It’s not necessary to send gifts that only relate to the holidays, which will open up a range of possibilities and options to make clients happy.

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