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What’s Your BPM?

It's a Matter of Passion

January 10, 2019

We live in a day and age where, at least in our culture, there’s not much to truly die for. Now you might be asking, Ballantyne, why would you want to live anywhere where you might have to die for something?! It’s not a matter of if we have to, it’s a matter of do we believe in something so strongly that we’re willing to do what ever it takes to see it come to fruition.  

It’s the to-die-for visions and missions that make our world an awesome space to live in.  Those visionary people end up impacting our community, country and world for the better. Simply, it’s a matter of passion. And I think the main-stream media, our education system and even our business culture somehow, has dulled our need for passion and therefore we go about aimless and in servitude to others rather than stepping up and doing what makes us come alive.  

No longer do we reach beyond our grasp to opportunities that are worth the risk of failure, pain or yes, even death.  With that, we tend to be lulled into a trance of complacency, settling for mediocrity at best. Normalcy and tolerance is raised far above uniqueness, creativity and passion.  We’ve nurtured an entire generation to be afraid of risk. Don’t rock the boat!  

This system of keeping things “under control”, may have created what seems to be stability, but it’s also created a generation of aimless, passionless people. Maclean’s magazine recently sited that there’s an entire generation of graduates stepping out of university into a market that is not demanding the skills they were incited to learn.

They feel unfulfilled, even duped, and worse off, carrying a massive debt.  Our schools are preparing people for jobs of the past. And our youth are still being told, follow the crowd, get a degree and you’re set for life.  Although education is part of the issue, I’ll save my Education Renovation rant for another time. 

 Today, I want to focus on how we as entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs, need to break though the mediocrity to grasp hold of a life changing mission and help others do the same.



I came across this simple formula a while back and turned it into an exercise we did with 90 Grade 8’s from Holly Meadows ES during our SPARK Project at The Creative Space. Since then, I’ve used it to help kids, students and adults re-think their philosophy on life goals. It goes like this: Burden + Passion = Mission (B+P=M)

I like to doodle, so I generally get the person to segment a napkin, paper or whatever into thirds.  Place a small B,P,M in each section.


B = Burden.

I define a burden as something you love or hate about the world, what breaks your heart  or makes you come alive?  A burden is generally thought of as something we want to cast off, but in this case, although it may be heavy, it seems to be our calling or duty to carry it.  So go ahead – what’s on your heart and mind? Write it down.


P = Passion/Personality. 

Passion can be determined by asking, “What are you good at doing, what do you love doing or what do others say you are best at?”  Personality asks, “Who are you?” or “Who would others describe you as being?”  Write those down and maybe ask a friend or family member to chime in.


Now take a look at the B+P and start to see some correlation.  By combining a strong emotion, with your greatest skills and traits, one can start to imagine a greatmission in life.


Take some time to jot down potential missions.  Don’t hold back by telling yourself, “That could never happen” or “That would cost too much” or “I would have to sacrifice a lot.”  Just write. Bringing others in to brainstorm this part with you can be beneficial.  Often we’re blind to who we are and what were good at, or we’re too humble or afraid to consider something grand.  The goal is not always to consider your entire mission in life.  Maybe it’s a mission for today or this year.  The equation can be scaled.  Write it down.


When we hear the term BPM, most think beats per minute.  It’s what we can use to determine the health of our heart.  Well Barrie, it’s time we do a heart check and ask ourselves if we are living out our passions and being mission driven? Collectively our culture will be in much better heath if we all monitored our BPMs.