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Work from a Beach and Grow Your Business, Possible?

Dream ends up being just that, but that’s not true for every situation.


Content Creators

January 9, 2019

In the modern business world, many new entrepreneurs and startups envision life as a kind of digital nomad. They want to build their businesses with no external attachment, travelling as they please with a trusty laptop by their side and little else.

In many cases, the dream ends up being just that, but that’s not true for every situation. Many online business models allow you to learn, grow, and prosper while on the go, on the beach, or wherever you want to be. Some are easier than others to get up and running, some have the potential to bring in more money than others, but all of them will enable you to have the lifestyle you want.


Freelance Writer

If you are like many entrepreneurs, you’ll have more interest in hiring freelance writers than being one, but it is one business that allows you to work from a beach and keep growing. There are scores of opportunities for competent content writers these days, and if you specialize in a particular niche, all the better.

Copywriting can also be added under the ‘freelance writing’ umbrella, but it requires the ability to persuade people to take specific actions, which is a skill many content writers don’t possess.


SEO Specialist

Most companies want to be found online when their customers and prospects enter search terms related to their industries. And most business owners and marketing managers have no idea how to make it happen. It can be a complicated process, and if you know the ins and outs, you can create a lucrative and remote business as a freelance SEO specialist.


Info Product Creator

Ebooks, membership sites, online courses, and video series can all fall under the info product category. If you can create virtual products that solve other people’s problems, then you can enjoy a lucrative career as an entrepreneur and work from the beach more often than not.


Online Drop Shipping Business

For many entrepreneurs, online drop shipping businesses have become their ticket to financial independence. Drop shipping is where you sell products online and then arrange for another company to deliver them to your customers. And you can create a drop shipping business based on just about any product under the sun, as long as you can find the fulfillment. It is completely online and can be run from anywhere, making it a viable online business.  


Any Online Consultant

Consulting has become a huge industry, and if you can market yourself as a consultant, you have the opportunity to grow your business remotely. This includes being a social media consultant, PPC consultant, email marketing consultant, general online marketing consultant, Facebook Ad consultant, or any other type of online consultant that will bring value to clients and is in demand.


Graphic Design

It may seem old and tired compared to some of the newer online business models, but there will always be a demand for quality graphic designers. Even with various online platforms that do a lot of the work for you, top companies still want a real graphic designer to do their essential design work.


Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant may seem like a strange business to run from the beach, but if you love being organized and have no issue managing several tasks at once, it may be a good fit. It’s easy to think of this kind of business as being a rung or two below where you want to be, but if you are really enterprising, you can have people working for you doing the actual assistant job and just tend to your clients.

It’s not simple to work from a beach and grow your business, but there has never been a time when that concept was more realistic than right now. You will need an online business model, and you’ll need skills that are in demand, but it’s all within your grasp if you really want it.

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