Conference - Haste & Hustle

Tickets: Starting at $149.99

Haste and Hustle is an event for entrepreneurs to truly connect with one another, get inspired and educated by speakers and get prepared to take on the next challenges of their business.


This is a super scrappy, fun and inspiring event that provides a disproportionate amount of value to each guest. In just two short years Haste and Hustle has brought together some of the most celebrated entrepreneurs in the industry and has grown nearly 175%. Our goal now is to grow in depth and to truly connect with each guest and support their journey in a meaningful way.

What It Is:

In 2020 the roof is getting blown off this event with a lineup of speakers that is second to none.

Haste and Hustle’s number one mission is to serve and support entrepreneurs. We focus specifically on start-ups and mid-stage entrepreneurs. We are here to educate, inspire and connect all our guests.

This is a scrappy, but deeply meaningful event for those that attend. We are building an incredible community and we not only WANT you to join, we NEED you. Our community is strengthened by all the talents, skills and networks that each of you bring to the table.

Who Attends:

We have been lucky to attract some pretty awesome guests to our past events. These guests represent the following sectors:

• Technology (including blockchain, AI and nanotechnology)

• Banking, investment and Fintech

• Retail

• Sales (Real estate, mortgage, luxury goods)

• Insurance

2019 Speakers:

Richard Branson

Keynote Speaker & Founder at Virgin Group
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Alex Mashinsky

CEO, Celsius Network
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Fabio Marrama

Director, Community Experience at Meridian Credit Union
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David Rock

Videographer and Entrepreneur
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Kelly Ramsden

President, Belvedere Place Development, Author, Speaker
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Scott Barker

President, Haste and Hustle
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Fatima Zaidi

Co-Founder and CEO, Quill
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John Stix

Creator of “I’M IN” – Discover your WHO for business and individuals
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Espree Devora

Producer/Host, Women in Tech Podcast
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Adrian Salamunovic

Founder at Earned and Serial Entrepreneur
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Shauna Arnott

Founder and CEO, Haste and Hustle
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George Khalife

Director, Sampford Advisors
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Zara Syed

Student, The Knowledge Society
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Jim Van Eerden

President, 5th Element Group PBC
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Anu Bardwaj

Founder, WIIN Digital
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Nesh Pillay

Founder, Press Pillay
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Swish Goswami

CEO, Trufan
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Alex Brown

E-Commerce Brand Builder
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Abu Sayed

Founder, Wildhood
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Lizzie Peirce

Producer, Know Hau Media
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Trang Trinh

Founding Director & CEO of TREC Brands
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Manjit Minhas

Allie Hughes

Casey Neistat

Barney Waters

Marc Saltzman

Gary Vaynerchuk

Anthony Ricciardi

Amanda Robinson

Erin Bury

Peter Maoloni

Manu (Swish) Goswami

Kim Parnell

Ian Szabo

Fatima Zaidi

Eli Brown

Connor Beaton

Bobby Umar